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When it comes to making it happen, achieving and believing in your dreams, look no further than these 5 FIERCE individuals. Each has faced trials and struggles, but they all get up and attack the day like there is no tomorrow. The Get Life was founded on the notion that everyone can be what they want to be, and do what they want to do. In spite of any and everything that stands in your way. Let these 5, lead by host and creator Buki, be your guides down the yellow brick road to your dreams. We'll take care of the hard stuff (cooking, skin, relationships) and you can deal with the rest!

Welcome To The Sqaud!

The Team


Buki Elegbede


Skin Expert + Foodie


Jacqueline Andriakos

Health & Wellness Guru


Leah Gervias

Finance/Business Coach


Eve D.

Fitness Trainer


Dr. Jennifer Rhodes

Licensed Psychologist + Relationship Expert


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